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Rhythms of Resilience: Eyad's Inspiring Quest for DJ Greatness and Cultural Empowerment



Today we'd like to highlight our Wall of Fame inductee Eyad, a multi-talented artist whose evolution from DJ to producer is astonishing. Eyad's incredible success story as a first-generation American of Syrian descent can be attributed to his steadfast dedication to music. Join us as we celebrate Eyad's achievements and explore how his hard work, dedication, and education from Avant Media Institute propelled him beyond his wildest dreams.

Eyad hails from New England originally but found a dynamic community that welcomed him when he moved to Houston, where he enrolled in Avant Media Institute. Moving to Houston was a watershed moment in his life because it allowed him to completely immerse himself in a setting that encouraged his growth and innovation.

Nile River, Egypt

Even though he was already a successful DJ, Eyad came to AMI with a plan to broaden his knowledge and seek a career in music production. He followed his mentor, Johnny Black's, advice and enrolled at AMI to improve his skills. Upon enrollment, he was able to acquire the resources, knowledge, and guidance that would help him succeed professionally.

AMI had the most profound effect on Eyad's career in production and mixing. "Avant taught me all I needed to know to be a successful producer." After years of honing his voice and exploring other musical styles, Eyad finally released his debut EP, Afrodisiac by his group Dalé Habibi. After years of hard work Eyad has finally discovered his niche in electronic music, allowing him to use his music as a platform to discuss his cultural background and combat prejudice.

After finishing school, Eyad's career took off. He set off on an adventure as a DJ and producer, touring the globe to show what he is made of. Eyad uses his YouTube channel to celebrate his Middle Eastern background and positively represent his culture. While also using services like Spotify and Apple Music to steadily expand his profile to bring attention to his soul-stirring music.

Great Pyramids of Giza

In addition, Eyad owns and maintains a studio that acts as his haven, where he can think freely and experiment freely with new ideas. While Eyad pursues his ambition to become a traveling DJ and electronic music producer, he intends to keep his studio as a home base. He hopes to one day open a second studio in Dubai, where he can learn more about his heritage and add to the region's rich musical culture.

Eyad has this to share with aspiring audio engineers and prospective Avant students. "Find a mentor before beginning school." While studying at AMI, Eyad worked as a professional musician, and his experiences there demonstrate the value of having professional experience.

This testament to Eyad's life shows how far commitment, hard work, and determination can take you. His dedication to music has broken through boundaries, contested stereotypes, and provided a safe space for the flourishing of his cultural identity. We toast Eyad's incredible rise to fame, appreciate his accomplishments, and look forward to hearing about the next exciting chapter in his musical voyage.

You may follow Eyad's musical exploits on Instagram by following Please celebrate with us the groundbreaking work of Eyad in electronic music.


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