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Avant Media Institute strives to help their students succeed. Please see the options listed below

to learn more information about how to apply, tuition, tuition assistance, and much more!

Mission Statement

Avant Media Institute exists to advance the Digital Media fields through world-class training in a state-of-the-art environment. We believe a hands-on application of industry-standard hardware and software, and immersing students in real-world working environments is the most effective way to learn and master skills and concepts. With this belief, we have crafted curriculums that focus on a specialized field in digital media from the first day of class until the completion of the program.

Our staff of highly experienced instructors, partnerships with real-world digital media environments, state-of-the-art digital technology, and comprehensive curriculums provide Avant Media Institute the tools necessary to achieve our educational objectives. Our education
objectives include:

  • Provide an atmosphere that is optimal for learning and will strengthen students' abilities in professional, personal, and business situations.


  • Maintain a world-class program with a skillful and systematic review of faculty, lab equipment, classroom facilities, and curricula.


  • Work with students by providing expert guidance from industry professionals, and through internship opportunities.


  • Provide continuing education for faculty and participate in industry awareness events.


Is AMI right for me?

Avant Media Institute is for people of all ages and backgrounds. We welcome a diverse group of students and encourage all who are interested in the audio engineering world to take a tour of our campus and find out how Avant Media Institute can be a tool to empower you on your journey.

How to Apply

AMI takes on a direct approach when potential students are interested in applying.


Step 1:

Take a tour.
here to schedule a tour or give us a call at 832-404-6166 and ask to
speak to a school Representative.


Step 2:

During the tour, you will speak with a school representative about application details,
admissions, scholarships and financial options.


Step 3:

Submit necessary paperwork — as discussed during your tour.


Step 4:

Board Review and Acceptance!


Degree and Admissions Requirements

AMI offers a diploma in audio engineering. Our diploma certifies each graduate as an audio engineer to better prepare them for entry-level work in the audio engineering industry.




High School Diploma or GED or College Transcript

State Issued ID or Driver’s License


Take a look at the breakdown of tuition costs. Click here.




Bukkie Osho

8 months ago

I can honestly say this school is worth the time and the effort.
As a recent graduate from Avant Media Institute, I can honestly say this school is worth the time and the effort. For one year I have deep dived into everything audio and I am now super confident in my skills from recording, mixing, mastering producing and being a live sound engineer. I would say that Avant will be everything you make it out to be. They have provided me the tools, supplies and knowledge and I went and built a house. I’m just saying this to say Avant had gave everything I needed but I definitely still had to put the work in to get to where I am at. And that is an artist who works as a assistant manager/staff engineer in a recording studio, is part of the live sound team at my church and an Audio Technician at Audio Visual Technical Support!

Are you Ready
to get started?

Avant Media Institute provides world-class training in the digital
technologies and multi-media fields in state of the art environments.

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