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  • AUD 101 - Audio Engineering and Digital Audio Workstations
    Audio Engineering and Digital Audio Workstations is the initial class taken by students that focuses on acoustics, analog and digital audio, recording procedures, microphone techniques, and Avid Pro Tools software installation and use. Students learn the tools used by Audio Engineers including mixing consoles, compressors, equalizers, microphones, time based processors and various dynamic processors.
  • AUD 201 - Mixing, Mastering & Post Production for Music and Film"
    Audio Mixing, Mastering & Post Production explores the complex concepts of audio mixing in stereo, and 5.1 surround sound mixing for commercial music, film and television. Building upon the knowledge from 101, students learn how to approach mastering audio, sound design, ADR, and Foley.
  • AUD 301 - Music Theory & Production
    Music Theory and Production focuses on musical composition, arrangement, and theory in the digital audio environment. Students learn the job of a producer, and how to compose, arrange and produce music appropriate for real world application. Students also go further in depth with MIDI and learn music theory concepts including key signatures, chord structures, musical scales, and more.
  • BDM 101 - Business of Digital Media
    Business of Digital Media provides students with knowledge necessary to monetize their new skills in the ever changing audio industry. Students will learn about recording contracts, publishing, music licensing, copyright laws, performance rights societies, artist management, booking agencies, concert promotion, touring, modern distribution methods, and basic business principals.
  • AUD 401 - Live Sound Systems & Reinforcement
    The Live Sound Systems and Reinforcement class focuses on live performance production. Students learn live system setups, AC power distribution, electrical theory, front of house engineering, monitor engineering, live mixing techniques, production rigging, troubleshooting, and live recording techniques.

Comprehensive Program

The Audio Engineering Program is a comprehensive program designed to educate students starting from a fundamental understanding of the science of sound waves, sound transmission, and acoustics. From this basic understanding, essential concepts start to take form through lecture, but more importantly from hands on applications and the completion of lab projects.


What separates Avant Media Institute from other programs is the amount of hands on learning and personal studio time students receive. Our curriculum immerses students in real workplace environments, including commercial recording studios and venues around the city of Houston.


Students will learn advanced audio systems and configurations, mixing and mastering audio for music and film, live sound reinforcement, and Avid Pro Tools Software. Additionally a music business class is required and informs students of important business concepts including contracts, publishing, copyright laws, distribution, and performance rights.


Ashley Reay

4 months ago

I really liked the small class sizes and one on one availability.
Everything was very hands on. The studioes are up to date and have accessible scheduling tiems. I met many new people I will keep in touch with in the future. Most importantly, Avant helped me gain the knowledge to become a professional audio engineer.

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