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Avant's Shining Star: DJ SK's Journey from Student to the Wall of Fame


Andy Villareal, better known as DJ SK, has been electrifying audiences with his dynamic performances for over 20 years. He developed his keen sense of rhythm and groove as a child immersed in the Hip-Hop culture. After years of enjoying and amassing music from the 1970s and 1980s, as well as Rock, House, Hip Hop, and R&B, he decided to turn his attention to DJing. He appreciates the music industry's history and evolution. As an Open Format DJ, he can play a wide variety of music and take you on a journey through all of your old and new favorites. DJ SK (Andy V.) is well-known because of his familiarity with numerous musical styles, as well as numerous settings and their respective audiences.

Elevating Artistry at Avant Media Institute

In 2019, Andy decided to enroll at Avant Media Institute as a seasoned professional DJ. Despite his experience, he was eager to advance his abilities. Immersing himself in Avant's comprehensive audio engineering curriculum, he deepened his understanding of nuanced sound concepts, strategic speaker positioning, and intricate editing techniques, all of which profoundly enhanced the experience he offered during live sets.

Career Highlights

Andy has performed at exclusive sporting events for athletes like Chris Paul and Mike Evans. His impressive sets captured national attention, leading to an exclusive opportunity to perform on NBC Sports in Chicago, following successful airings on networks like ESPN and Fox.

More recently, he has been performing regularly at Houston's Marriott Marquis downtown, sharing the stage with other local talent. In September 2022, Andy achieved a career milestone when he opened for his legendary inspiration, Michael “5000” Watts at a show in Houston. Amid these achievements, his commitment to self-improvement and openness to knowledge remain unwavering.

Vision for the Future

As Villareal gazes into the future, he's geared towards carving a distinctive identity in Houston's saturated DJ market. He envisions migrating from spinning records to producing original compositions, aspiring to blend his rhythmic prowess with collaborative efforts to forge a signature auditory footprint.


Over 20 years, Andy Villareal has evolved from novice record spinner to master of both analog and digital worlds. His story reaffirms that even seasoned veterans can also be a lifelong student. Andy keeps pushing himself and never lets go of the flame that ignited his love for music in the first place.

Andy advises aspiring DJs to study their music extensively, put in a lot of practice, and be open to exploring new musical territory. He believes that to fully appreciate the history and culture of DJing, one must grasp the roots of the art form, which lie in the use of turntables and vinyl.

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