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Beat Maker to Hit Maker: Organist, Student, Award-Winning Producer

Moving Up and Down the East Coast as a Musician


Davon Jamison grew up all over the country, from Orangeburg to South Carolina to Florida and many more in between, his family's military ties meant he moved frequently during childhood. Music provided an anchor through all the changes.


When an organist position brought Davon to Houston, opportunity came knocking. He stumbled upon the Avant Media Institute booth at a networking event and was drawn in by the production-focused curriculum. After years of making music and even a bachelor's degree, Davon realized he was missing key knowledge about audio production. He found Avant and immediately realized the accelerated music production program was exactly what he needed to fill those gaps.  The hands-on courses enabled Davon to "speak the technical language of sound engineers fluently"- a valuable skill he soon put to use.



 Learning Those Key Skills Opens Major Doors

After graduation, Davon found the opportunity to tour and play with a band. It was during these performances that he began to assist the artists in communicating with the audio engineers about the technical side of their stage sound. His expanded production abilities also led to co-producing credits on multiple tracks for artist Aminé. This first-hand experience proved invaluable when bigger opportunities came calling...


 From Tiny Desk to Coachella Main Stage in Just 2 Years

In the two years after graduating from Avant Media Institute, Davon's career reached impressive new heights. His work with Aminé resulted in both a buzzy Tiny Desk concert feature and a main stage slot at Coachella - not bad for a former church organist! All the high-profile showcases spilled over into more industry connections and production opportunities. 


 Building an Extensive Resume & Giving Back 


Now with over half a dozen albums under his belt and a mantle lined with awards, Davon finds himself in high demand. But he still makes time for giving back, advising the next generation of producers on the importance of education and networking over just raw talent. Despite his talents and abilities prior to attending, he felt limited to the "beat-maker" lane and wanted to expand his skills to take on full music production. He now resides in Florida as the Director of Music and Christian Arts at a local church, owns his own brand via a production business called D. Lamar Music Group (est. 2019) and was even awarded Producer of the Year in Tampa bay in 2021. Success hard earned and well deserved as Avant Media Institute’s first graduate.

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