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Mixer Keys

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👇 Your Next Step To Your Audio Career 👇

The next step is to have a phone call with our admissions staff to learn about your goals & ensure our program is the right fit for you.

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Why Sooner is Better: We pride ourselves on keeping class sizes small for a personalized learning experience. This means spots fill up quickly!

So if you're ready for a conversation now..


Call us! (832) 404-6166

In the meantime check out what our students are saying..

What can an audio engineer do?

There are endless possibilities for an audio engineer. The employment field is FAR WIDER than you may think it is! From recording studios to forensic audio for Law Enforcement, there are many other Professional Audio jobs that you may have never thought about.


  • Who places sounds into toys?

  • Who helps design the interior speakers for vehicles?

  • How do astronauts transmit communication when orbiting space?


These are just a few jobs, of many, that Audio Engineers do.

Many believe that Audio Engineers mainly work in recording studios.


Truthfully, Audio Engineers have the capability of mixing sound for Post Production (sound for movies), going on tour (Live Sound), getting sound for television/websites (Broadcast Audio), or recording shotgun blasts to be used in video games (Game Audio).


An Audio Engineer’s “office” can be anywhere their knowledge and imagination want it to be, and Avant Media Institutes's goal is to help our graduates get there!

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