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Jay Ramos: Mastering the Art of Audio Engineering - AMI Wall of Fame

Updated: Jun 28, 2023



Adalberto Ramos, a standout alumnus from one of Avant Media Institute's (AMI) first graduating classes in 2016, has had a profound impact on the entertainment industry. With his extraordinary abilities as a producer and audio engineer, he has been able to distinguish himself from other creatives in this industry by curating his unique sound.

From Southeast Houston, Jay came to Avant to “learn how to make his beats sound better” and unlock new levels in his developing creative process. Throughout his time at AMI, he gained hands-on learning where he was able to study the fundamentals of what it truly means to be an audio engineer.

Sony Studio's LA

Audio Engineer and Studio Owner

Jay started working as an audio engineer and mixer after completing his studies at AMI, and he immediately developed a reputation for his talent in transforming "raw sounds into products." He honed his craft and eventually established his own studio, Outlier Studio’s 💫 , where he collaborated with a range of artists, including some of his fellow AMI grads, Garret Lecea and Angeline Johnson. Leaving his clients happy with his work and professionalism, Jay is the one to watch.

Before Ramos rose through the ranks of a worldwide audio-visual organization and came to be recognized for his present work in the studio at Insolente Music, he amassed a wealth of knowledge in live sound. Here, he was in charge of constructing AV systems for significant organizations all over the world, allowing for seamless business and communication operations. He then returned to the studio and was hired by Estaban Gabriel's record company, Insolente Music, as Head Engineer. He recorded, mixed, and mastered each song for a number of projects that were produced here and distributed by Sony Music Latin. On iTunes, some of these works rose as high as #6.

Bringing the Heat in ‘23: Upcoming Projects!

Ramos's work has not gone unnoticed, and he has been recognized for his extraordinary

talent and devotion to his art as a result of his hard work. Along with enjoying success in the studio, he has toured major arenas like MGM Grand Garden Arena on the Las Vegas Strip. Keep an eye out for projects that are being produced by Jay and will be released in 2023. Ramos is a deserving addition to the AMI Wall of Fame and a true "Professional Mix Engineer," thanks to his distinctive sound and remarkable abilities.

Conclusion: Ramos Rocks the AMI Wall of Fame!

The great education provided at Avant Media Institute is attested to by Jay Ramos. Ramos has continued to perfect his craft and has developed into a professional audio engineer. From his start as a self-employed barber to his current position as a full-time engineer with Estaban Gabriel. His journey is evidence that anyone can succeed in the entertainment industry with the correct training and commitment. AMI is the perfect place for prospective students who want to follow in Jay's footsteps; here they can receive hands-on learning and work alongside talented peers and instructors. With the right training, diligence, and desire, anyone can make their mark in this exciting field.

Sony Studio's LA


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