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Grad to Head Lab Tech & Audio Engineer: Garret, Avant Media Institute's First Wall of Fame Alumnus

Updated: Jun 29, 2023


Hippie House Studio



Garret, a proud resident of Southside, Houston, found his passion for music production while working in the oil and gas industry. Despite having his own recording studio, he had to balance his time between his job and his passion. However, his dedication led him to Avant Media Institute, where he honed his skills and gained the foundation he needed to pursue his dream career in the entertainment industry.

Finding Avant & Enrolling

Garret's passion for music and sound production led him to Avant Media Institute (AMI), where he enrolled in our comprehensive program. He was impressed by the curriculum and the hands-on experience provided by the instructors. As someone who had experience in the industry, Garret was looking for a program that would challenge him and help him grow as an entrepreneur. Avant Media Institute was the perfect fit.

During his time at AMI, Garret was able to learn the technical skills he needed to succeed in the music industry. He also learned the business skills necessary to turn his passion into a career. The program helped him gain a well-rounded education in all aspects of music production, including recording, production, and visual aspects.

Standout Class & Takeaways

All of the classes at Avant Media Institute had an equal impact on Garret's education, but one class, in particular, stood out to him. The 101 class, taught by instructor Nino, was eye-opening for Garret. He was able to see firsthand how a recording session was set up for high-level musicians like Beyonce and Lil Wayne. The experience helped him understand the concepts and terms better and gave him the foundation he needed to start his career. Setting up sessions, learning about microphones and cords, and physically understanding how to capture sound from start to finish were just some of the valuable takeaways Garret gained from the course.

Reflection & Moving Forward

Garret is grateful for his experience at Avant Media Institute and admits that he wishes he had incorporated ProTools into his day-to-day routine from the start. Nevertheless, Garret is confident in his abilities and is excited to take on new challenges in his career.

Head Lab Technician and Audio Engineering

After graduating from Avant Media Institute, Garret was offered a position as a Lab Technician but through his hard work and dedication, he was happily promoted to Head Lab Technician. In this role, he oversees all projects and technical situations for AMI. He works with a lot of curriculum, mentoring 1:1 with students, and sharing his passion with future AMI graduates.

Garret is also involved in working 1:1 with a lot of artists and bands, recording, production, and visual aspects including collaborating with various labels around the city and different studios. When he leaves Avant, Garret can be found at Hippie House Studio INC., working hard as an audio engineer perfecting his craft. He also works on live sound for different events and churches in the Houston area. Overall, his time with AMI allows him to put all of his ideas into action when it comes to business entrepreneurship, including music aspects.


Garret's story is an inspiration to anyone looking to pursue their passions. Despite having a successful career in another industry, he never gave up on his dream. Garret's experience at AMI helped him gain the technical and business skills necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry. Today, Garret is an essential part of AMI, where he continues to inspire and mentor students who are looking to pursue their passion in audio engineering.

His journey to Avant Media Institute shows that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible. As Garret continues to grow in his career, he hopes to inspire others to chase their passions just as he did. If you're interested in pursuing a career in audio engineering, Avant Media Institute could be the right choice for you. With a comprehensive curriculum and hands-on experience, you'll gain the skills and education you need to succeed in the industry.


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