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AMI Newsletter

October 2021



Graduate Highlight

Garret Mooneyham is a 2019 graduate who currently works as Avant's lead Lab Tech! Garret is truly a jack of all trades, as he is an engineer/producer. has worked in production with music artists and podcasts, and is an intern at Rap-A-Lot Records. You can follow Garret on Instagram @the_ingenious_g to catch a glimpse into his busy lifestyle!

Instructor Highlight

Our instructors are multitalented and are an excellent example to our students of what their hard work can accomplish. Oscar White is an RIAA Certified Record Producer who has worked with artists such as Schoolboy Q, Steve Aoki, TI, and many more! He teaches our 101 classes and we are grateful for all that he does for our students.

Center Stage @ Avant

Meet Tony Bishop, a hardworking Veteran and current Avant student, who relocated to Houston from Mississippi. He is a loving husband and father who specializes in Mixing and Mastering and is currently working hard as a self-employed producer! Follow Tony on Instagram @tonyb._productions to see how he can bring your musical dreams to life!


Rise Through Adversity

2020 was a challenging year that brought obstacles to many across the globe, including Avant Media Institute; however, the Audio Engineering community was able to withstand this adversity. COVID-19 opened new doors to Audio Engineers everywhere. Engineers are able to produce and work on music from the comfort of their own homes. In a day and age where more people are turning towards a more technological way of life, engineers who can operate through digital space are extremely important.

Audio engineers are able to create more business opportunities for themselves which helps the expansion of a community that we know and love. As audio engineers continue to persevere, Avant Media Institute will continue to provide a quality education for future engineers in order to help contribute to that expansion. Avant's goal is to foster the next generation of engineers that will reshape the industry.

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